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1994 - 1996




Riptide has an exclusive mpg video wich was recorded

at the Sloopparty (Amersfoort, 3 March 1996)

Since 2005


Gigs in reverse order


19 December 2009 Grolschbusters Jubileum Festival, Hengelo (Gld)/NLwith Boys named Sue, Grolschbusters, Harries '89, Fabiola Fun F*ckers, QueenBee, Grolschbusters '89 (The Grolschbusters in original line-up anno 1989), Shitt Happens, Maclympies, Ramclones

20 November 2009 Innocent, Hengelo/NL with Sunny Domeztos, Rocker Arms

24 October 2009 Coffin Carnival II, Eindhoven/NL with Mad Dog Cole, POX, Milwaukee Wildmen,Whip Crackin' Daddy's, SCAM

3 October 2009 Villa, Bochum/D

29 August 2009 Geuzenpop, Enschede/NL with Infadels (UK), Epica, De Staat, Sonic Syndicate (SE), Elle Bandita, Hit me TV, Janez Detd (BE), Drive Like Maria (BE/NL), The Bloody Honkies, The Hot Stewards (DK/DE/NL),V8Wankers (DE), Superbutt (HU), Filthy Nelly, The Death Letters, Rene SG, Blaudzun, Kleazer, Skings (DE), Swelter, Birth of Joy, Treatment, The Kings of Oblivion, Kevin Stunnenberg, Capacocha, Dark Roasted Chicken Skin, Hartog, Grain, Robin Bleeker, Weg met de Haan, Tremelo Theun, Flying Paul, The Casings, Deadbeat, Striking Justice, Kouwe Makkers, Fingers on Fire, Riptide,De Kaasverzamelaars, DJ Dwars en DJ Anders, De ATAK Nachtwacht DJ’s van Woofur, Donderslag, Basic Grooves en X-It.

28 August 2009 Innocent, Hengelo/NL with Kamikaze Queens

2 August 2009 Willemeen, Arnhem/NL with The Brains

28 June Market Place, Chojnice/PL with Rockini Bands

27 June 2009 Amphitheatre, Charzykowy/PL with Rockini Bands

26 June 2009 Cultural Center, Czluchow/PL with Rockini bands

10 June 2009 Plattendeck, Emsdetten/D with Peter Pan Speedrock

5 June 2009 KOJE, Emsdetten/D with More the Head and Tankdriver

22 May 2009 Kongsi, Enschede/NL with Stiletto's and the New J. Frank Parnell Expirience

5 May 2009 Bastard Club, Onsnabrück/D with Sick Sick Sinners

30 April 2009 Plattendeck, Emsdetten/D with V8 Wankers

26 April Miranda's Garden Party, Hengelo/NL

15 April 2009 Innocent, Hengelo/NL with Sick Sick Sinners

13 March 2009 Paul's Garage, Hengelo/NL

28 Februari 2009 Jasper's Private Party, Borne/NL

21 Februari 2009 Cerberus, Hengelo/NL


31 October 2008 Cafe Mukkes, Leeuwarden/NL CD-Release of the Monolith Monsters

29 October 2008 Plattendeck, Emsdetten/D with Untuech

24 October2008 Cafe de Zevende Hemel, Heerenveen/NL with Monolith Monsters

19 September 2008 Cerberus, Hengelo/NL

13 June 2008 The Rambler, Eindhoven/NL with The Meteors

19 June 2008 Hardcore Bill's Wedding, Borne/NL

5 July 2008 Mike's Private Party, Bochum/D

6 June 2008 Nacht van Hengelo @ Innostage, Hengelo/NL

5 May "Sound of the Streets" Liberation Day Festival @ Innocent , Hengelo/NL with:

Scary B.O.O.M., .357 String Band, Spill, Hangman's Chair, Society Parasites

23 March 2008 Luxor, Cologne/D with Mad Sin

23 Januari 2008 Metropool, Hengelo/NL with SHAM 69


14 September 2007 Cerberus, Hengelo/NL with Chibuku and The Monolith Monsters

31 August 2007 The Rambler, Eindhoven/NL with The Meantraitors


23 December 2006 De Goudvishal, Arnhem/NL with Milwaukee Wildmen,

Asmodeus and 69 Beavershot

10 December 2006 De Baroeg, Rotterdam/NL with Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen and Milwaukee Wildmen

31 October 2006 Starclub, Mulheim/D Halloweenparty with Mad Sin, Monstabob

20 October 2006 Innocent, Hengelo/NL with The Meteors

9 September 2006 Circus Maximus, Koblenz/D with Monolith Monsters and Sewerrats

25 August 2006 Maloe Melo, Amsterdam/NL

16 July 2006 Innocent, Hengelo/NL with Starlite Wranglers

27 May 2006 Westwerk, Osnabrück/D with Big John Bates, The Voodoo Dollz

26 May 2006 De Peppel, Hengelo/NL with Rocker Arms

23 March 2006 Atak, Enschede/NL with Mad Sin