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Riptide is a Psychobilly-band from Hengelo in The Netherlands. Lead singer and guitar-player Martin Welberg started Riptide in 1994 with Dagmar Mebius (Double Bass) and Rodney Lok (Drums), two Psychos who had been in the 'scene' for quite a long time.

The band started out playing covers and after a year of songwriting they started to play only their own songs. Till the end of 1996 Riptide did gigs and festivals together with bands such as: Batmobile, Mad Sin, Hot Boogie Chillun and Asmodeus.

Late 2004 when Serge Kokos, Dagmar Mebius and Jan Jaap Elzenga where playing in a band called The Glaives, they asked Martin to play lead guitar and he joined the band.
After a while Jan Jaap decided to go solo as Ottoboy The One Man Trashband, and Riptide was reborn after 10 years.

The first gig after all those years was as a support band (with the Monolith Monsters) for The Meteors, who are well known as the founders of Psychobilly.
Riptide recorded a live-demo during that gig and released the demo on their homepage.

After Dagmar met the love of his life he left the band in 2006, Martin and Serge started working at an album and deceided to search for a singer and doublebassplayer before finishing that album.

It was a long search: First we had some "Airhead" as bassplayer and kicked him after a few months out of the band, during the summer of 2007 Serge asked Rogier to join Riptide as singer and Jeroen Nolte to play bass, Serge met Rogier at hardcore gigs in Innocent in Hengelo and were always talking about Psychobillymusic and introduced him to Martin.In spring 2008 Jeroen left the band because he prever to jump out of planes at the weekends and Rogier disappeard someway, Serge made the switch from drums to double bass and Joost Benner joined to play the drums t'ill spring 2009.

Ed is the youngest member of Riptide, he joined the band in March 2009, since then Riptide rocks the road again.

Riptide is trying to spark the interest of all kinds of people with their Psychobilly music that is influenced by styles like Punk (Rock), Hardcore, Metal and of course Rockabilly.
The raw voice, scratchin' guitar, slappin' bass and pumping drums make the band like dynamite on stage!

Riptide is playing in the following line-up:

Guitar, Vocals: Martin Welberg
Double Bass, Backingvocal: Serge Kokos
Drums, Backingvocal: Ed Keric